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01/06/2004 03:43:20   Peer lehwess   can anyone tell me or give me alink to removal and replacement of the interior fan ,, dealer quoted ne $509 for the fan plus $260 labour ( thats aus dollars)
said fan ios a throw away item .. and i belive i can havethe carbon brushes replaced thus save buying a new fan
either post here of send directly to my email address
many thanks
02/06/2004 00:07:25   Simon   "throw away item"
Yes, and start again without the -
04/06/2004 13:46:43   Alistair   Didn't know V4s came with air con????

Try if you want anything approaching a useful answer to this...  
04/06/2004 15:39:16   Senor Burt   Some US V4's had air-con. I prefer the open-the-window-and-drive-very-fast method of keeping cool.  
07/06/2004 10:53:04   Alistair   Hmm - how to make your V4 really gutless - just bung a ruddy great A/C compressor on top! I agree with your windows open & drive fast method. Anyway, everybody knows that real V4 drivers have the heater up ALL the time to keep the motor cool !!!  
08/06/2004 11:06:40   simon   Heater up AND fan on, Alistair.  
08/06/2004 13:21:18   Alistair   Indeed! Perfect for keeping your beer close to simmering on a day like today...  

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