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01/06/2004 23:00:22   Simon   Does anyone know the Mintex part number for front brake pads?  
01/06/2004 23:27:07   Simon   It's in the forum, stick around a bit longer :)  
02/06/2004 08:02:54   Richard   questmead ( sell them and they dont need stuff like part No. because they are specialists in competition parts. The fast road pad is mintex 1144 for a Saab v4 but they are pricey. I heard EBC did some pads in their 'Greenstuff' compound, but dont know if this is true.
I can probably find some std mintex No for their std road pads, but I dont rate them at all, they fade like mad on the steep hills round here. The comp pads are great though.  
02/06/2004 09:58:33   Simon   Thanks Richard, if you could do that. The Mintex part number is standard. It's the suffix that denotes the material of the pad e.g. MDB1918 is the standard pad and the MDB1918M1144 is the fast road pad.  
02/06/2004 11:14:12   paul   ive checked with ebc before and they only do standard pads for the v4s, not greenstuff. A bit disapointing really, theyre supposed to be good pads and about half the price of the mintex ones  
02/06/2004 14:30:05   paul   according to the label on the box the mintex pads are MLB33M1144  
02/06/2004 18:41:15   Simon   Thanks Paul. Do you know what the part number for the rears is?  
03/06/2004 09:08:19   paul   no sorry i havnt replaced the rear pads yet, could you post it if you find out?  
03/06/2004 12:34:11   Richard   I take it you are Ok with the No. now? Will save me going through the boxes trying to find them.  

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