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02/06/2004 00:04:24   Simon   Dear friends,
A little tale of contentment from a 96 lover:

This weekend I drove a performer to the Homelands Music Festival in the V4. On arrival we parked up in a very exclusive (& 'bling' - some cars I had never seen before - which was nice) area backstage.
A little later a BIG name arrived and parked next to us in a modified and rather fierce (20" rims?)badass looking 9-3.

ALL beautiful cars, but which one was getting the lashes?

Yeah! You know that ;-)

extra feel~good obtained from Hampshire A roads and associated passenger 'ohh shit' handle white knuckling, he he.  
02/06/2004 07:55:16   Richard   No competition the 96 wins hands down. Hope Saab dont make a 9-6 as the web page will be inundated by people who dont have the brain power to notice a 96 and 9-6 are different models, a la 95 and 9-5 (soc for sale section worst for this).  
04/06/2004 13:45:11   Alistair   Nice one! We all knew it, but good to have it reinforced ...  

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