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05/06/2004 16:28:51   Gus   Anyone got any experience of fitting a 99 rad into 96? I bought a recon. one off Highgate a few years back as a recommended mod. and it doesn't really look like it's going to fit! I've removed the old lower mounting brackets and extended cutouts in the front panel (old round headlight style) so it sits in the space well, but both the in and the out hoses seem to come from the top! On the 96 the out pipe runs from the bottom to the water pump??!! How do I get round that one as the alternator is in the way! Do I need to modify the rad? Help!

Cheers, Gus.  
07/06/2004 07:50:10   Richard   You dont need to even run a 99 rad. I run 140+bhp through a std size unit that has been recored with an extra row of cores (not the Irish band). A pacet fan has bee mounted infront of the rad (about 10-11" fan, check dims for room). The rad cost approx.70 to have done at a local rad specialist.  
07/06/2004 12:54:30   Gus   Mmmm, I did wonder this, but having now got this 99 rad, I'm a bit stuck with it! It does fit very well with a round headlight grille set up though, so we're currently looking at getting the in and out points changed. Cheers for your thoughts Richard.  
07/06/2004 17:47:33   ian f   Gus,

Why don't you phone Mel & Ken at Highgate and ask them what they usually do?
07/06/2004 19:19:47   Gus   Hi Ian - I did phone Mel and Ken but they couldn't remember! We took it to a rad specialist today - excellent chap actually in Tunbridge Wells who specialises in classics (Bryan and Sons 01892 544635), he removed/blanked off the old in and out and soldered new ones on - the 'in' facing back into the engine bay and the 'out' exiting the bottom at 45 degrees so it lines up with the water pump. Not a particularly straight forward mod for anyone else thinking of trying it (Richard's suggestion of adding an extra row of cores to a standard rad would be a lot easier), but the rad is just the right size for the old round headlight front (fills the gap between the lights perfectly) - you can see why the old rally boys used to do it. Have to see how it works out in practise!  
08/06/2004 13:49:42   steve h   The logical next step is a 99 rad with 3 rows then!  
08/06/2004 16:33:17   Richard   You dont want it running too cool. The smaller rad allows cool air around the sides of the rad in to the engine bay. I have extra cut-outs in my front panel and the bonet mounted up at the front to allow cool air in to the engine bay for the carbs and oil cooler.
Other things that help is wraping the exhaust down pipes and also insulating the fuel lines/pump.  

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