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06/06/2004 09:38:34   Gus   Apologies for asking more than my fair share of questions!....thinking of fitting electronic ignition to our 'project' 96 and dug out an old Lumention brochure I had from years ago. Looks like thir Magnetronic system would work OK (Bosch 0231 distributor), but I wondered if anyone has other ideas or recommends a different system?


06/06/2004 13:12:56   David   Gus, there's a thread re Pertronix systems further down the list (click on "all posts") dated 1st March. I'm sure there are other earlier discussions on this topic. Thinking of fitting electronic systems to my 2 V4s, too. Happy hunting.  
06/06/2004 13:25:55   Gus   Cheers David, I'll have a look.  
07/06/2004 07:56:42   Richard   It should be fine (along with any of the other megnetic systems. The other option is to buy a second hand optronix unit from out of Motorsport News and then buy the chopper kit for the dizzy.  
07/06/2004 07:59:53   Steve B   Gus,
There's a document on fitting a Pertonix magnetic system on this website. Look under the 'Articles' section for it.
07/06/2004 13:05:21   Gus   Richard- do Motorsport News have an on-line classifieds, or do I have to go to a newsagents!? The Optronix system looks good and like you say if I can pick one up 2nd hand all I need is the adaptor for the distrib.

07/06/2004 16:58:49   Richard   I think it will be a trip to the news agents on a Wednesday. try, this is a web page for rally sales.  
07/06/2004 19:21:11   Gus   Thanks Richard, will do.  
08/06/2004 13:45:28   steve h   also search for aldon ignitor  
08/06/2004 16:38:54   Richard   Steve I tried to get some info from Aldon about this system as it seems to be a good package, but they said there was a 50/50 chance of it working on this engine, which I thought was a bit of a strange answer. Anyway it must work as I read you have one fitted to your car (correct me if I am wrong).  
08/06/2004 17:31:02   ian f   I was under the impression that the Aldon is a re-badged Pertronix Ignitor....they use the same model code (1847V)for the V4 units and they both market a 'Flamethrower' coil. As far as I'm aware the only difference is the price.... the Aldon unit costs more in 's than the Pertronix does in $'s!! It seems like it's another case of rip-off Britain to me.
09/06/2004 07:48:05   Richard   Sounds likely!  

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