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07/06/2004 11:38:46   Iain   Richard or anyone else - do you know the part ref and / or source of aero style fuel filler cap. Rally car coming along nicely - on schedule for spring 2005 completion.  
07/06/2004 13:01:36   Richard   I will dig it out. Colin W. asked the same question so I know I have it in the paperwork somewhere. The item I have screws on to the original neck which makes life easy.  
09/06/2004 07:50:43   Richard   Its a Mocal 3"dia non-locking filer cap, demon tweaks No. MOCCAP2.  
09/06/2004 07:57:15   Richard   Is it comming out to play next year? The Robin hood is a good event to start on (can cut up a bit). It goes something live long straight 90 (or square) left/right, long straight another 90 etc...
I would not run it on tarmac, every time I have run mine it has resulted in a near roll over! You need to setthe car up for grippy stuff, probably lower with stiffer damping at the rear and 2-2.5 deg camber rather than 1-1.5 for the loose to take into account tyre deflection.  
09/06/2004 21:11:07   Iain   Thanks Richard. First-off I need to get the thing on the road. Set-up after that. Robin Hood could be first event???!!!!  
10/06/2004 12:30:18   Richard   Best to join a local motorsport club that is mainly into rallying, they should get invites and there will be plenty of help and maybe a spare co-driver. If you need any help give me a call No. in the driver under dale saab.
We are out on the 19th June on the Dukeries rally a round of the BTRDA, will try to get in the top 90, the 1400cc cars have more power than us. The leading 1400cc cars are putting out 180BHP!  

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