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28/09/2002 08:50:54   gerald   Hallo !

As the mirrors of the 96 are no longer available a friend of mine thinks about starting a reproduktion . This would be much easier if we had any hints to the original producer "FREESE" .
Does anyone have any information ?

03/10/2002 22:14:04   Louis   Have you tried 'The Saab Sanctuary' (UK) I got some new wing mirrors for my 96 they were genuine saab items!
See ya!  
06/10/2002 07:56:42   gerald   Hallo Louis !

Do you have a link or e-mail adress ?

06/10/2002 22:07:27   Louis   No web link or e-mail but here are the details I have:

'The Saab Sanctuary'
Brian Butler
'Almadene', Woodgate Road
Ryarsh, West Malling
Kent ME19 5LH
Tel: +44 1732 515393
(Mon-Fri 8:30 am to 6:30 pm & Sat-Sun 10 am to 1 pm)

Hope he can help!  
21/06/2004 14:56:15   Ben   Louis, I have just tried the number you gave for Saab Sanctuary, and it doesn't work any more! Do you have a new one? (Just noticed you posted this 2 years ago, so I hope you can still help)

24/06/2004 14:00:06   Simon   Try 01732 872722. Honest John's Good Garages Guide must take the credit (or blame) for this number... Good luck!  

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