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08/06/2004 11:14:16   erik   i'm about to install a oil temperature gauge in my '79er 96 and wonder if anyone knows what thread the oil-change-bolt (the one at the bottm of the engine M14/16/18x ???)has because i want to replace it with the sender for the gauge. (other option would be an oil-dipstick with sender but doesn't look that good to me).  
08/06/2004 13:23:20   Alistair   Surely the best bet is to use the oil pressure switch with an appropriate adaptor? That should be fairly readily available for Ford engines (and I think it will be the same as most/all of that era).  
08/06/2004 13:42:48   steve h   I have a sensor fitting bolted into the sump above the drain plug. It works well but puts the sendor pipe in locations where it might get damaged. Im on my second in four years. Better is to fit an oil cooler with an in line sender fitting. I couldnt get you when it did the oil plumbing many years ago. The location would also give a truer report on the oil being sent round the engine. Look in the deamon tweeks catelogue or other performance boy racer outlet.
I havent seen switch adapters for temp senders.  
09/06/2004 21:27:07   Alistair   You're dead right, I'm thinking pressure not temp - arse!  

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