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12/06/2004 18:20:45   BJ   Hi, greetings from norway. I`m about to get a saab 95,maybe from the sixties.
When did the first 95 estate 7-seter arrived at the market?
and can somebody mail me an adress were i can get some info about saab 92.93,94,95,96 saab history? but mostly saab estate 95 7 seats  
15/06/2004 16:41:04   Richard   Try the 'Saab klubben' which is the Swedish Saab Club. I am sure you have a similar club in Norway which should be able to put you in touch with other 95 owners.  
16/06/2004 10:29:05   Senor Burt   Gammalsaabens venner  
28/06/2004 12:28:31   Alistair   95 was launched in 1959 with 7 seats continued like this till 95L in 1976 when the back seat was dropped.  

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