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22/06/2004 17:53:09   Senor   It were bloody great. Beautiful scenery, loads of cool SAABs, 2 95 V4's, lots of Jennings bitter, Northern hospitality and we won a huge bottle of 12 year old Glenfiddich in the raffle. What more could you want? Auto jumble was a bit sparse on V4 stuff, but you can't have everything.
Anybody on here actually go?  
22/06/2004 21:43:52   ian   no really sorry we missed only just re-built...running yesterday expect you saw smoke!! glad you had a good time....will be there next year  
23/06/2004 12:45:39   Richard   Out on an event that weekend, so could not get. Were there many old Saabs there?  
24/06/2004 10:33:12   Senor   A reasonable number. A good few two strokes, probably about a dozen V4's a 71 99 with freewheel. No Sonetts though.  
25/06/2004 20:59:14   David   Didn't make it despite booking early and putting "VACATION" in large letters in my e-diary. Boss had other thoughts and wife was under the weather so adouble-whammy. Rats! I heard that it was a good w/e despite the weather. Still, I did spend some time on Mem-Saab (sienna-brown 95V4) which, having passed her MoT last week, is now getting a good polishing and general doofering-up ready for a couple of events later this summer. Lots of doofering to do, though, as there's still a lot of cosmetic rust to treat and a few more holes to fill!  
28/06/2004 12:35:16   Alistair   We were on hols in Scotland. How was the turnout overall? I suspect that it not being in school hols and being a long trek, many people would have stayed away this year (shame).  
28/06/2004 12:51:59   Senor   Wasn't too bad. There seemed to be plenty there. Missing a few familiar faces, obviously.  

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