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24/06/2004 08:47:28   ryan   Could anyone tell what to expect when i remove my v4 engine...after making an unusual 'ping' noise whilst the clutch was depressed, i've lost all use of the clutch. The piston still works so it isn't the cylinder. The engine/clutch has covered only 1000 miles. Could it be a broken clutch fork or is it possible that the thrust washer is damaged?  
24/06/2004 10:37:05   Senor   It could be that one of the legs on the clutch spring plate has broken. That's happened to me before. Whatever it is, it's time to whip that engine out and have a look. I've never known the fork to break or had release bearing problems, but maybe it's happened to others.  
24/06/2004 12:30:25   Richard   It will be the spring on the coverplate, broken or flown off.  

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