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29/06/2004 11:15:18   erik   how do i fit modern wheel rims such as the Mika Tissari '96 or the last picture of the 2001 SOC National ( see gallery). Do they use home-made-spacers or re-drill the rims ??  
29/06/2004 15:55:33   Alistair   I think spacers are the way to go for this. Dave Barrow uses them on the front hubs of his Sonett II with sport drums on the back (same fitting as 99/C900 rims).  
29/06/2004 17:10:32   Richard   Spacers or Sport hubs (hens teeth)  
30/06/2004 11:16:24   Senor   It is possible to adapt F*rd Escort hubs/discs and drums to fit a SAAB V4.  
30/06/2004 11:18:52   erik   call me plain stupid but "sport hubs / drums on the back" : are these S&R items ? Or can i look for 99/900 rear hubs and put these under my car and if so : is this a bolt-on solution or a skilled-mechanic-job ? Sorry for all these questions but i'm new at this !  
30/06/2004 12:30:46   Richard   No they are from the 2 stroke Bullnose sport. I have been told that all the Bullnose sports were left hand drive which prompts a few questions to some British righthand drive sports???  
30/06/2004 14:44:21   simon   Surely someone here would have information about a Toad (99) swap - for rear axle?/hubs and front driveshafts / hubs??? If so please let on :)  
30/06/2004 17:48:03   Senor Burt   There was a bullnose sport at the SOC national. Looked genuine enough. Had the dash with the rev counter and speedo side by side where normally there is just the speedo. These were mounted on a plate on the dash which the owner assured me was original.
It also had 99 Minilite wheels on it.  
01/07/2004 07:51:31   Richard   I will have to ask the Dave's about this one.  
01/07/2004 20:10:13   erik   thanks for the info so far but i must say i'm a bit supprised by the fact that this seems to be a fairly difficult one (even for Richard !). Don't you find it curious that, by the looks of it, few people thought about it / managed to do it ?  
02/07/2004 11:27:18   Senor Burt   The guy with the V6 96 has spacers and 99 wheels, but he had to weld sections into the rear wings to get the tyres to clear. Unless you can get Sport hubs(and good discs!) there's some reasonably serious engineering involved.
Mk2 Escort rear drums go more or less straight on though apparently with a bit of a spacer(bit of tube I assume).  
02/07/2004 11:40:20   Alistair   Erik - What you have to remember is that Saab were extrenely successful rallying the V4 with nothing more than 4.5J or 5J rims and skinny tyres, so there was never the demand for anything more extreme. The two stroke Sport/MC850 and the v. rare Monte Carlo V4 (and BTW I'm sure that RHD bullnose sports are OK!) had 4 bolt hubs - and special twin pot calipers on the front. This happens to use the same pattern as 99s and early 900s. But the parts are VERY rare...  
03/07/2004 13:56:08   Senor Burt   Who cares about rallying! We just want big f off alloys!  
05/07/2004 08:13:48   Richard   You could get some Escort mk2 rear bubble arches and cut them so they dont stick out as much as a Esc which may look good. From what I remember the 99 wheel dont have as much inset so a 10mm spacer may not stick them out as much as you think. You need to measure the offset/inset of the std wheel then assume a 10-12mm spacer is inplace, you then want the wheel outer rim to end up somewhere similar to the std wheel (can go a little further out), therefore the rim needs to be 10-12mm different in the offset to compensate. Just make sure you dont have the inside of a wide wheel catching the springs (front and rear). We had to make spacer for the back of the rally car running std 4.5 steels and 175 tyres (these do have heavy side walls, sorry to mention rally).  
05/07/2004 12:18:00   Alistair   Well I was thinking about function (as in handling) rather than cosmetics. I don't often think of V4s and the Lax Power brigade in the same breath...sorry Jason!

One thing I've often wondered, but never been bothered to check, is if Land Rover wheels use the same PCD as V4s - it looks a similar size - does anyone know?  
05/07/2004 16:59:36   Senor Burt   Err.... yes so was I. But they might as well look good as well.
Landy wheels may well be similar, but they won't fit. Nothing does except SAAB V4 wheels.
I've just looked at the 2001 National pics. The 96 in question has Ford Esc*rt hubs, hence the repugnant Ford alloys. I asked him about it. I believe he once made a RWD V8 96 with 17" wheels.
Going back to your earlier point about why not many people have done this is I don't know. There is a distinct lack of anyone doing anything even remotely interesting with V4 SAABs. All we seem to see in the UK is original restoration jobs or rally cars. BTW I've nothing against rally cars. They are cool.
Oh for the cash to finish my 95! Now that will be a bit more interesting.  
06/07/2004 08:12:57   Richard   With the escort hubs you should be able to get loads of after market wheels, have a look at the stuff in classic ford mag which will be up your street.  
06/07/2004 11:23:42   erik   to put things into perspective : I was not really looking for handling improvements ( wider track = extra grip ) but while I love the overall '96 shape, I really hate how the front wheels sit 1 mile inside the front fenders. I will go for spacers at the front and keep the original wheels. But please keep this discussion going, maybe there is someone more adventurous who wants to have a go at this !  
06/07/2004 23:49:35   Alistair   Well the other thing to look out for then is a set of the offset Sonett 41/2J steel rims - also an S&R part for tarmac use only. These really fill the arches out, are lighter than standard (but also softer!) and in Saab circles are a sign of a true afficionado...

I just missed David Furmage's hot 96 which uses Sport hubs F&R (but with std V4 calipers & Citroen BX discs !!), someone else got to see it & buy it before I could. He did say that Chris Partington reckoned there was someone looking to remanufacture Sport discs, hubs and drums, but didn't know any detail. I'll ask Chris next time I speak to him (or someone else feel free in the mean time.

I reckon the spacer route is the easiest way to go for the front.

Of course, if you feel very brave and are really persuasive, my old fella has a set of 8J banded steel rims off an old V4 oval stock car he had, just sat there as they have done for 25 years that I can remember!  
06/07/2004 23:55:00   Alistair   BTW - there is at least one other car which shares the V4 bolt pattern - the Jowett Javelin. The downside is that Jowett owners use V4 rims to get extra width over their standard ones!!!

And Jase - reading my earlier post again, no offence intended mate ;-)  
03/08/2004 22:25:53   dave   i was once a member of the saab owners club, due to my grandfather (john henry) owning a 1978 99 GLE, which was absolutely gorgeous but has subsequently been passed in to a saabing friend who most people will know (iain hodcroft). i am only 15 but am looking forward to the possible ownership of a 96 V4 as my first car. i was wondering how easy it would be to widen the arches (maybe remodel the whole panel in fibreglass), and if there are any suspension lowering kits available? i also like the idea of a highgate twin exit tail pipes but can you get larger muffler tips?

dave henry  
03/08/2004 22:42:48   dave   another thing, would a p*rche 911 rear spoiler look cool on a v4? and can you fit kahn alloys?  
03/08/2004 23:51:19   simon   Dear Alistair,
Can you offer us any further info on the C- BX disks aforementioned?
Do they need work or bolt straight on?
Many thanks, yours with thin originals. s  
04/08/2004 10:12:59   Senor Burt   Arch widening kits were once available and come up occasionally on ebay. If you are good with fibreglass, you could make your own arch extensions.
To lower a 96, you need to cut the suspension springs down (make sure you know what you're doing before attempting this!).
If you want a big tail pipe on your exhaust, you're better off with a Simons sports system, available from Motor Sports Sweden.
Whatever Kahn alloys are, the answer is almost definitely not.

Remanufactured Sport discs are now available I think. It was in the last 'Driver' in the 2T section.  
05/08/2004 16:09:12   simon   Sorry Alistair/All,
Missed the piont there. The BX disks go hand in hand with the S&R four bolt system, not std 5 bolts. Doh. They have a smaller offset but are the same diameter.
If people have trouble getting std disks - shop around as several of my factors laughed, while another has stock! If anyone gets really stuck, send me a email.  
09/08/2004 10:20:13   Alistair   Used to get my discs direct from Brake Engineering in Wrexham - suspect they still do 'em...  
09/08/2004 10:29:14   simon   Brake engineering do still do em.  

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