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09/07/2004 13:16:35   jonny   I feel my clutch slipping under heavy load I was wondering what best option is for a tuned engine 110bhp approx.

19/07/2004 08:05:54   Richard   Red springs on a std clutch and a paddle plate in cerametalic will resolve all problems. The other option is a Highgate diaphram clutch and a paddle plate.
The only different is a spring type needs a higher peddle pressure than a diaphram and therefore the line and piston pressures are higher, so these need to be in good condition and I would advise replacing the clutch cable with a braided item if it looks a bit dodgy.  
23/10/2004 17:58:30   john wyatt   Re the above is it possible to obtain and fit red springs to a standard clutch, Thanks Jonny  
25/10/2004 12:18:12   Richard   Yes if you can get any.  
25/10/2004 15:38:58   jonny   Hi Richard, Are they hard to get hold of?.  
27/10/2004 08:01:51   Richard   Noel Hughes in Wales bought the last from Graham McDonald. I would try contacting some local clutch referb places. Failing that Try contacting SOC motorsport sec Dave Barrow he may be able to contact Noel and get them tested so we can have some re-manufactured.
The other option is the Highgate clutch, which is very good and has the benifit of a lighter pedal pressure, therefore clutch line pressure.  
27/10/2004 09:01:09   john wyatt   thanks for that, last time I was in touch with Highgate they did not have stock of the diaphragm clutch  
27/10/2004 10:42:37   Richard   They now have made a new batch to a updated design. The other thing is to work out the pressure created by the std springs, look at the s & r data and ask a spring manufacturer to make up a set of stiffer springs. You should be able to work it out.  

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