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10/07/2004 12:00:41   paul   Anyone have any idea how to adjust the mixture on a weber 34ICH? My last set of plugs were a nice colour, but ive just put some new ones in and theyre picking up a white deposit so i think im running a bit lean for some reason. Ive found the idle mixture adjust but cant find a way of adjusting the normal mixture...  
10/07/2004 15:54:29   Senor Burt   The 'normal' mixture is dictated by the jet sizes. If the carb was set up right before, it should be OK now.
Is the air filter clean? Also hotter summer air is less dense than in winter, so this may have some effect if you've not adjusted the idle mixture recently.  
13/07/2004 13:30:28   steve h   swapping jets is relatively easy. Order some about every three stops up from what you have fitted at the moment. I dont know about the ICH but in my DCD 'they' (twin choke) are at the bottom of the float chamber.

What jet do you have fitted at the moment? What car was it set up for? (Bigger engines have smaller jets I believe)
The jet size is engraved on the side of the brass screw in jet and is normally about 132 to 150.  

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