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12/07/2004 13:26:26   simon   Just 4 months on from replacing my fuel tank with a s/h unit and I'm being gassed again from a leak :(
There must be (?) a new old stock tank out there somewhere? Please?
Many thanks.  
12/07/2004 20:18:34   Alistair   It probably wouldn't cost the earth to have a new one fabricated from ally or steel - find a metal fabricator in your local yellow pages, or ask a local garage if they know anyone.

Maybe get in touch with your local technical college to see if someone on a welding course could do it for you - it's quite a good way of getting stuff made and you know it'll be well-checked before they release it to you. You might have to pay for materials but probably not labour.

Worst case get a copy of one of the motorsport mags and find a specialist in the classified ads - people are always having bespoke tanks made for race cars etc.  
14/07/2004 23:10:41   ian f   Simon,
It's just a thought and I might be miles off the mark, but is your 96 fitted with a ventilating fuel cap? If not, there's a chance that as the car and the fuel in the tank warm up that the resultant increase in pressure inside the tank has caused a leak somewhere.

PS I found out the hard way on a 95 fitted with a non-standard cap!

15/07/2004 09:44:45   simon   Good thoughts Ian, but the tank has rusted through - big puddle in the trunk and mess on the road :(  
25/07/2004 08:27:30   David   Simon - sorry to hear of your woes - I guess it was the tank I sold you (that I acquired s/h so no history - must have been stored with moisture in it for a while). Apologies. Alistair's advice seems sound (as always) - there are plenty of metal fabricators out there to whom this job would be a doddle.  

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