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12/07/2004 21:38:49   simon   Dear rubber glove'rs (erhmm)
I have adjusted the handbrake / rear shoes a thousand times (well maybe not but you must know that feeling) all to no avail.
So today I fitted a pair of new cables, new shoe springs and some s/hand (less wear than my originals) shoe levers adjusted everything up (shoes & cables) and guess what - yeah just the same :(
Before I order up some stainless levers from Sweden; is there anything else that I may have overlooked, which might give me this symptom? (shoes are good and drums look good but they do in fairness need their diameters measured for wear).
Many thanks. S
ps Does anyone have any stainless levers for sale in the UK?  
12/07/2004 23:46:58   simon   PS. Maybe I should stick with the brick 'n' string till mot, inorder to enhance the chocks away heritage ---o-0-o---  
13/07/2004 10:32:41   Senor Burt   Adjusters worn? Pull em out and check. Can you get the brakes to lock up more-or-less by tightening the adjusters? If so then the fault is in the actuating mechanism. I seem to remember that worn levers can be rescued by applying a bit of weld to build the worn part back up which can them be ground back to the correct shape. Are the cables adjusted correctly at the lever in the car?
All the springs do is bring the shoes back in after you've done your braking thing.  
13/07/2004 11:38:49   simon   Thanks Bert,
Shoe adjusters are fine with plenty of adjustment left in them, Cables have been tightened up, so they start to bite without the handbrake applied, then backed off one turn. Must say they don't have much thread left to adjust.
All looking as if the levers are worn, no? Is it possible to get the lever arms upside down and around the wrong way?  
19/07/2004 08:00:05   Richard   not only do the ends wear, but play occurs in the pivot so the levers dont pull straight.  
19/07/2004 10:12:48   simon   Excellent Richard thank you for that, could be just the thing causing my prob. Further investigations to commence.  
07/10/2004 16:58:06   simon   Yes Richard,
Worn pivots in the lever arms were to blame.  

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