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17/07/2004 14:07:11   Alec   Hi All,

My V4 has recently started suffering with the collapsible steering column, collapsing when lean on the steering wheel with a little force like under heavy braking. This is wierd, has anyone else had this?  
17/07/2004 16:32:49   Alistair   New one on me. Presume you've checked all the bolts securing the column under the dash are tight? I didn't think there was much scope for the column to move, unless the rack is also moving!!

Oooh just had a thought, one of mine had the flat rubber UJ towards the bottom of the column shear once - furtunately as I was parking the thing! It couldn;t be this on the way out in yours possibly?  
17/07/2004 17:55:04   Alec   No, they are designed from 1969(?) onwards to telescope down in an accident. They have a sliding section near thje bottom that does this. Only mine is now doing it without an accident!  
17/07/2004 19:42:42   Alistair   Doh, I remember now.

AFAIK it's just a friction fit, I don't think there's anything that shears in the event of an accident allowing it to collapse, and the manual doesn't help much here does it ???  
18/07/2004 18:10:37   Alec   No, I think you are correct that it is just friction which makes it odd that it has started happening.  
19/07/2004 07:51:16   Richard   I have had a couple of cars where the column has been pushed in stopping the gear change from being set correctly, a good yank back cured this problem. Sound like the sliding section on the column is too loose or something similar. You may need to re-place the column.  
19/07/2004 08:58:44   Alec   Yeah I think this is going to be the only way out. ThenI will hack this one to bits to look at why it happened.  
19/07/2004 10:14:08   simon   "ThenI will hack this one to bits" . . . and that'll show it!  
19/07/2004 10:16:32   Alistair   You could always do away with the sliding aspect by bolting it or welding it up?  

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