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17/07/2004 14:55:00   bill rawles   Does anyone know if the saab museum has a website or know its opening times? I've done a bit of a trawl but can't find anything (although I haven't looked too hard!) Cheers.  
19/07/2004 17:13:41   bill rawles   Thanks Senor Burt! I typed saab museum trolhatton in and got about 37000 sites - should have simplified the request!  
19/07/2004 18:01:45   Senor Burt   Maybe also that was because it's spelt 'Trollhättan' (I wasn't too sure of this either, I had to look it up). They're made there by trolls apparently.  
07/08/2004 10:07:28   Paul   When i went i spent a very long and cold hour waiting outside the museum because they had just changed the opening times to open at 10 rather than the 9am which i had been told about. Worth the wait though :)  

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