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24/07/2004 20:32:43   Richard Ison   I am new to owning Saabs, my 1972 95 is always getting a pool of water in the front. Is the window seal and is it a common fault with them and if it is the seal were can I get a new one ? Some one said Woolies at Market Deeping, any other places ?  
26/07/2004 17:06:58   Richard   Also remember water can get in the rear and run to the front if the car is parked down hill.
Try one of the Saab specialists as well as Woolies.  
26/07/2004 17:09:50   Richard   Oh just thought, have a look under the dash, there is a seam on the top of the bulkhead. This is the bottom part of the air box and is a rust area as muck and water sit in the seam from the air intake in the scuttle.  
27/07/2004 10:32:25   Alistair   You can also get water in through holes in the floor or badly fitting door seals, so make sure you check around everywhere!

If you suspect the windscreen seal, run a hosepipe over the screen and look inside for drips (lift the carpets and hardboard under-floor out first).  
27/07/2004 22:11:43   simon   On occasions of heavy downpour I have the same symptom, yet this car has be TOTALLY taken to bits and put back together.
No problems with metal (around windows or air box) or rubber seal (new parts and 3m window sealent). Water ingress through the window wiper connection!  
28/07/2004 12:32:14   Richard   If you are getting a change in climate it is amazing how much condensation you can get, causing water to drip off the front screen rubbers. This is more a winter problem. I suppose you could carry a piece of seaweed in the car!  
28/07/2004 22:00:59   ian   have experienced this on both my saabs and it was coming in through wiper spindle...made simple rubber seal and sliiped it onto part and cured problem....easy way to find it is on a really dry day slowly pour water onto spindle while someone lies under dashboard(get the wife to be under dashboard as your back will be knackered!)  
29/07/2004 09:32:19   simon   Hi Ian,
mmmmmm where would we be without flexable women ;)
Spindle was the word which alluded me. I seem to have cured my water ingress by application of thick grease to this component.  
29/07/2004 21:20:17   Richard Ison   Thanks everyone I will try these out.  

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