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02/08/2004 12:27:28   Richard   I have had a call from someone, who is interested in stage rallying a 96 V4. He would prefer a car already built, does anyone have anything suitable?  
02/08/2004 17:46:09   Iain   Isn't Keiron Patterson's car still for sale?
Its definitely cheaper to buy a complete rally car than build from parts like I have been doing - fool!
Even if the car itself is knackered - rally cars have a hard life don't they Richard - it is much cheaper to get all the right bits at the same time with a complete car. If I go bankrupt before I can complete my car - I'll let you know!  
02/08/2004 22:48:57   john wyatt   I have recently bought a 900 turbo as I need something more practical for my wife to use, no matter how good the 96 is going she finds something to complain about, although my car isnt rally prepared I have worked on it with a view to rallying it, it is basically a standard car repainted over the winter in correct Toreador red and new metal put in where required although not concours it is a pretty good paint job, it is fitted with a very well built 1740 with steel timing gear stage 3 heads etc, hardened crank(steel?)the reciepts for engine build are well over 2000, in addition gas spax all round simons exhaust, good interior although I have never refitted door panels since paint, various bits include correct rev counter(to be fittend) correct mota lita steering wheel, it was MOT'd a couple of months back, one caliper rattles but their is a well built refurbished one ready to go on, in addition the cluthc has started to slip under heavy load, I think my email is suspect at moment either give me a call 0131 440 2213 or communicate through forum if any interest.
03/08/2004 12:18:25   Richard   OK I will pass details on, thanks.  
03/08/2004 18:25:51   john wyatt   my email is now functional again.

27/01/2005 21:57:16   Nick   Just found these posts....does anyone know if Kieron Patterson's car still for sale and if yes, does anyone know where I could find further information?

28/01/2005 07:52:05   Richard   Yes I think it is. 8000. Try searching for classic performance on google.  
28/01/2005 13:37:44   Tom Kinsella   There's one for sale on the Saab Owners site.  
28/01/2005 16:44:15   Alistair   The black one I featured in Driver last time is for sale (might be the one on SOC site)...seemed to have been fairly well put together.  
28/01/2005 23:14:12   Nick   Thanks very much for the info, link and the offer re parts. I'll keep you posted on what develops.  
31/01/2005 08:22:13   Richard   Kierons will be better prep'd, I know what has been done to the car, so restorer would do such things, its in the detail of the set up for rallies that will be the difference. I came from building good restored fast road cars and everything would fall apart if built to the Saab manual on the stages. Kierons car has the right bits and is proven, plus you are in the historic class away from the big money teams and I know the Saab has the potential to finish in the top five, its as quick as the lotus Corts, not 911's though.  
31/01/2005 10:43:37   Richard   The black car has no pulls for the cutout and extinguishers, cheep and Cobra seats that just about cut all circultion to your legs in a rally and a Saab filler cap that sticks out and is not rally legal. The wheels look narrow and if you put Rally tyres now available on any of the non-offset wheels they catch the springs. And the price is a joke at 8000, the Ex Orenius car was 9000 (3rd on 71 RAC, led it up to half distance and has about every V4 works driver to its name), I can see if its sold if you want to spend that amount. Kierons is still better than both of these. Mine cost about 6000 full blown with loads of wheels and tyres trailer etc.  
31/01/2005 22:20:46   ian f   When I last saw Kieron/Mike's car (just before Christmas)it was looking very cossetted in Mike's garage. It was still up for grabs at that time. If any seriously interested parties would like me to pass on their contact details to Mike then please email me privately.
01/02/2005 08:23:40   Richard   If I had the money I would, i would be not loosing much power over my now tired 'needs a rebuild engine' and the only Cort that was quicker than us in stage times last time out was the Greens. My theory is the Saab would be in with a chance even with single carb as the best of the rest after the 911's in the historics.  
01/02/2005 12:51:21   Nick   Kieron is posting a copy of the spec for me to look at.  
01/02/2005 15:34:36   Richard   Its a good car.  

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