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02/08/2004 16:48:44   Richard   Any SOC member wishing to atend the above event with their car should contact Dave Barrow (motorsport sec) contact details in the 'Driver' mag.
The SOC are to subsidise the already reduced ticket prices, so entry to this Historic two day Northern Festival is free. See HSCC web page for dates (Aug bank holiday) and details of the classes and cars running. Last year Jackie Stewart drove his Tyrrel. Other cars racing were a Maserati Bird cage, Jag C and D types mixing it with the Listers and Lotus. The touring class is great to watch along with 60s and 70s road sports.  
07/08/2004 06:33:40   ian   will be ringing dave about this...oulton is a lovely place and it will bring back memories of early 60's gold cups when i went with me dad....come on all of you with 2 strokes...make some smoke  
25/08/2004 18:17:25   simon   Regretably I will be unable to attend.
But perhaps someone would be kind enough to write a 'report' here from the event. Thanks.  
30/08/2004 20:02:38   ian   nice to you saab people at the event...some lovely cars and events but the weather was poor....sorry had to go before saying goodbye but we were frozen!! see you all soon...ian and lyn  
01/09/2004 08:00:17   Richard   the reason I vanished for a while was I helped James remove his engine from his Imp (no. 96) between practise and the race. We changed the clutch, slave cylinder and brake balance, finishing with 2mins to spare before the race. This helped but the gearbox was not changing correctly and will need to come apart.  

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