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04/08/2004 12:23:42   dave   many years ago i have seen trailers made out of the back end of a 96, and was wondering if anyone knows how to make one and how easy it is? it may well be something different to do for my DT project in school!? and how stupid would it look behind the '98 avensis belongin to me mam? also how do the cable brakes work on caravans and trailer tents and could i bodge a cable to the 96 brakes?
09/08/2004 10:25:51   Alistair   Alec probably knows more about this than anyone as it was first done by his mate, Andy Boorman c. 1984.

How you make one, well, simplistically you chop off the top and front of a donor car and make something to cover the holes you've now made...

You're right to think of brakes as the next problem. For the half-a-V4, you could either use the damper on the towing hitch to operate a cable mechanism and use this to operate the handbrake (not very elegant), or better still use it as a brake master cylinder to operate the proper hydraulic brakes.  
09/08/2004 17:33:04   Alec   Andys unit does not have brakes and it has never been a problem even when heavily loaded. It is quite heavy as trailers go but tows like a dream.  
24/08/2004 15:53:38   steve h   Yes I remember seeing it back in the 80s. Whatever happened to it?  
24/08/2004 16:33:28   Richard   Could it have crashed into the back of the 96 and reformed a whole car again?  

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