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06/10/2002 22:12:24   Louis   Has anyone tried out fibreglass wings? Do they fit ok and is it possible to get a good paint finish in comparison to the metal of the rest of the body?
Thanx guys and keep Saabing!  
07/10/2002 09:22:29   Steve B   Louis,

I've not tried to fit fibreglass wings myself, but I have heard that they are not easy to fit because they are thicker than metal wings.  
07/10/2002 18:21:36   Alec   I had them on an old car once. They are OK but often need a lot of adjustment to fit.
Personally I would only fit genuine steel wings unless you are rallying or desperate !  
08/10/2002 17:04:38   Rik   Are we talking aeroplano, around here?  
09/10/2002 21:17:37   louis   You must be flying high Rik! Saab produce all sorts of wings!!! ( For me we were talking car wings...)
16/10/2002 21:49:11   jake   hi louis fiberglass wings are always an option on the nity six and hte 95 particularly 95 rear as they are harder to find but depending on where in the world you are,it is not all thet much differance in price between metal wings from a motor factor who can supply non genuine but still very servicable parts i bought aset of front and a set of rear two years ago for my 96 and they cost me 214 all in done and dusted now that i,m sure would compare very well with figlass items, the front are a bolt on a 1 fit as long as you dump the stiff plastic seal and fit a flexable sealant , the rears take a fair bit of cut and shuting to get them on but with the flex sealant and a bit of time they look fine so it is realy just what you want at the end of the day the rears will be a hasle to fit whatever way you go all the best jake  

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