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13/08/2004 10:39:04   Mel Windsor   We now have the correct size chrome windscreen trim insert in stock for 95 & 96's. Replacing your old degraded trim with this new trim really does smarten up any V4 and this trim is very pliable so fitting is a doodle compared to the harder SAAB trim.
priced at 14.00 GBP + VAT for front or rear screens it's got to be a bargain. we only have 50 metres so be quick! coz when it's gone it's gone for good!!!
Any body up far a spares weekend in October in the Midlands!  
16/08/2004 07:53:15   Richard   More spares weekends the better I say!  
16/08/2004 08:22:31   Steve B   Spares weekend ?......Yes please !  
19/08/2004 23:45:22   Tom   Count me in!  
24/08/2004 08:28:17   Alec   I may even make that...  

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