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15/08/2004 14:24:35   paul H   I saw a swedish site with some new (re-manufactured) SAAB elephant ear badges (the round badges behind the back side windows).

But I can't find it anymore! It was from the links page, and I've looked through a few of the obvious links. Maybe the site has stopped selling them?

Anyone know what it was?

16/08/2004 14:19:08   Iain Campbell   I have a mate who regularly commissions enamel lapel badges, If you place a big enough order they work out pretty durn cheap, about 1 each (This was a few years ago),I had considered getting a batch produced, Obviously they wont look original, but they'll last longer and look of a higher quality than the original. Would they be of interest to anyone?  
18/08/2004 10:17:49   simon   Hello Iain,
I am very intrerested in this but not for Saabs.
Please find out more.  
24/08/2004 15:48:22   steve h   I have modified my 'ears' to not have badges and the car looks alot better. If you must have them, I think the saab sanctury used to do them and Im sure they were still advertising in saab driver last month.  
13/09/2004 17:12:47   Iain   Simon,
e-mail me at, will forward you the details  
13/09/2004 22:24:08   David   they're available from Rolf Jensen - look at his site (Rolf's spares) which is on the links page and go to "chassis".  
29/09/2004 13:28:32   louis   I had mine from Vesa in Finland I think I met him on this forum... But I can't find a contact e-mail for him...  
29/09/2004 13:30:02   louis   Knew he was from here, his car is in the gallery!  

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