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16/08/2004 22:47:29   Richard   Help, the key keeps geting stuck is this a common fault and how can I sort it out. Plus will the key only come out in L or can you get it out in G. Its a 1972 95. Thanks.  
17/08/2004 08:00:26   Richard   You may need to adjust the reverse lock or gear change position. The key should only come out when reverse is selected and key is in the L postion. You can remove the rev. lock by cutting/removing the locking pins of the barrel. See haynes manual for details.  
18/08/2004 00:24:19   Alistair   Is it getting stuck as in - you can't get it out in "L" position, or stuck as in - you can't turn it to start/stop?

If the former, try gently wiggling the gearlever a little to get it in the right place. You may need to adjust the gearlinkage to resolve properly.  

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