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18/08/2004 22:09:20   Mike   Yes I know I should have bought a Saab, but I took home a Peugeot 203 instead. Anyway what I need to know is; is it possible to turn a 406 engine through 90 degrees and mate it up with a 505 5 speed box (i.e. use an engine which is normally used to power a front wheel drive car to drive a rear wheel drive car?) I'm reliably informed that you lot are the most knowledgeable people to ask.  
19/08/2004 07:55:41   Richard   Yes you can if it will fit ie bolt to gearbox and clutch is compatable with gearbox housing and input shaft and will fit in the engine bay. Probably best posting this on a Pug site, there has to be one somewhere......  

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