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20/08/2004 13:13:46   Steve B   Saabers,
Can anyone recommend some winter tyres that will fit standard 1971 V4 rims. If we get a decent winter this year would like to try some (more out of interest than necessity)just to see how they improve the cars traction in the snow.
23/08/2004 07:50:16   Richard   Continental did some some time ago.  
24/08/2004 22:41:10   Alistair   Its ages since & not sure of they are still available but I have used Mich XN "Nora" M&S in 155 and some Pirelli M&S in 165, but that's not the same as a "winter" road tyre. Otherwise, suggest you check out Richard's response to Iain's post on rally tyres?

Any decent 155 with plenty of chunky tread will be much better than most modern cars on wide low profiles with "funky" tread patterns (like the 225/45/17 GY Eagle F1s on my 9-5...)  
01/09/2004 12:26:41   Richard   To be honest I tried some rally tyres on the 96 in the snow and although they were good on fresh stuff on hard packed ice they were not great. You want a soft tyre on ice with good surface area and lots of little cuts to give lots of soft edges. Have a look at what they use in the Monte compaired to Sweden.
At the end of the day your diff will limit you even with mega tyres. I rest my left foot lightly on the brake, which acts as a kind of limited slip diff stopping the light wheel from spinning so much.  

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