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22/08/2004 08:41:47   Iain   Richard or anyone else tell me best rally tyre sizes, makes, cheap stockists for V4 - forrest and intermediate.
Also, where do you mount the harness shoulder straps to maintain <45 deg angle from horizontal specified in 'Blue Book'?  
23/08/2004 08:05:01   Richard   I use maxsport Rb1 gravel tyre in 175/70. This is a safe tyre to start with and works in all conditions. The other options are Colway m+s 165/70 and Dunlop sp82 175/70 (more for hard packed conditions. My maxsports still have life in them after 1 & 1/2 seasons rallying.
For tarmac Avon classic rally in 175 or 155/70 are the best, but expensive. Maxsport do some rb4 inters in 175/70, but I have not tried them.
I use the rear seat belt fixing lugs to fix the belts to.
Is it nearly finished? When are you out? I would find out as much about events as possible coz some are pants and car damaging. If you want a good simple event on tarmac with lots of corners and short stages try any event at the Three Sisters, Wigan, see ANWCC web page. Otherwise the Robin Hood is not bad to start gravel events once you get over driving your first stages in the dark.  
23/08/2004 10:40:07   Iain   Thanks Richard - aim to get car MOT'd by Nov and work on reliability over winter. Robin Hood could be first event?? Putting all time (little) and energy (less) available into finishing car at the moment.  
23/08/2004 16:59:56   Richard   You forgot cash! If you need any help with her give me a call. It would be great to have some V4's out, it may sway me to do the Historic series next year if we get a few more Saab's out.  

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