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23/08/2004 12:38:29   Penny Bassi   Hi just to let everyonr know I have purchased Sharon Swift's 95. She is in good hands in Liverpool, any one know if there is a good spares provider in the area. I used to do a lot of historic rallying ( Le jog, Circuit Retro, Monte ect ) are there any girls out here who are interested? All the best Penny  
23/08/2004 16:55:48   Richard   Good to see the Ladies out in the V4's. If you are going to use the 95 for competitive motoring it is worth joining the SOC (Saab Owners Club) they offer sponsorship for all motorsport activities once you have been in the club for over a year. They will print a wanted article for a lady co-driver (bit like Pat and Whizz). This side of the SOC is probably the most active.
Other interesting ladies in Saab's were Pat Moss and her several lady co-drivers and Greta Molander who was the fast lady in a Saab in the early days of the 92.

23/08/2004 21:42:19   ian   just the thought of a "fast" lady in a saab has perked me up!!!  
24/08/2004 08:27:13   Alec   Steady Ian !  

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