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08/10/2002 17:07:21   Rik   Anybody know where i can get these kind of alloys?  
11/10/2002 08:17:49   bill rawles   Highgate Saabpart get them made from time to time but they have to collect names for a resonable size batch before ordering to keep the costs half way reasonable. You may have just missed the boat for this year as they had a batch done in August. It might be worth a phone call though to see if they had a cancelled order or whatever.  
12/10/2002 07:55:30   gerald   Hallo Rik !

I personally wouln`t recommend the Highgate alloys . I know a guy driving these alloys here in Austria . First of all they´re quite expensive . And second the style my friend uses have 10 spokes instead of the original eight - which doesen´t look really good ( but I heard they are also producing 8-spokes ) .


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