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27/08/2004 10:01:47   steve   I have been offered one of these by an old friend who has had it laying around for ages. He has asked me to make him an offer. Not wanting to rip him off, how much should I offer?

27/08/2004 15:01:54   Alistair   They're a bit rare these days, and thus don't come up for sale very often, but assuming it's a proper V4 wheel (so flat, not dished at all) with correct boss and is in good nick, it's gotta be worth 30? Maybe more?  
28/08/2004 10:08:07   john wyatt   is it an early wooden type or steel and leather?, I think for either anything under 75 would be a good buy  
31/08/2004 13:17:17   steve h   Thanks for that. Ill get back to him.  
01/09/2004 07:54:54   Richard   50 - 60 for the black wheel and boss.  
03/09/2004 13:36:27   Alistair   I guess I'm cheap then...nothing I didn't already know!!!  

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