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27/08/2004 12:48:16   Adam Cousin   Hi, Just thought Id drop a quick note to say what an excellent site! I owned a 96 V4 as my first car in 1999 (My dad used to rally them), after a year of fun (and 2 balance shaft gear replacements) I retired OSH22M to my garage for future restoration work. I found a 900i to pootle around in and since then I have owned 2x 900i 8vs, 1x 9000 Turbo, 1x 900 Turbo Convertible and a 9000 2.3 none of them have been as much fun as my old 96. With a lack of a useable car, time and funds I went to see a 900i 16 saloon with a view to purchasing... when I got there the bloke had a 96 V4 for sale too It is amazing where you can find money from when you need to!!!! I picked both cars up. The 96V4 is on an M plate with 72900 genuine miles on the clock (it has done 8k since 1991!!) and has had 4 previous owners. It has the original radio with speaker fitted (not currently working though!) Im looking forward to a winter of safe driving! My OSH22M is a bit redundant now, I have stripped the engine and gearbox out and it just sits with complete interior, floor pan was re-welded Just before it was garaged. Not much rust. Does anybody want it?? Price is 0.00 or "free". I need to keep the G/box and engine for spares. Give me a ring on 07887725131 if interested (Basingstoke, Hampshire)  

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