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09/09/2004 16:05:13   Matty   I was hoping you could help me with a problem. I am having a problem when I brake in reverse. To me it sounds as if it is going to fall apart!! Almost as if the brakes are locking up, and it comes from the front, maybe even only the left side.
I had just changed the left caliper, because while trying to change the pads, the bolt was "melted" in the caliper and broke off, and had to get new caliper and torque plate..... so the caliper is new and so are bolts.

Like I said, it only does it in reverse!?!?!

Much Thanks!  
10/09/2004 14:40:07   Alistair   Something is loose, and if it has only started since you changed the caliper then the cause is obviously due to that.

Do you have the right retaining springs & clips for tha pads?

When you say the bolt ws "melted", which bolt are you talking about? You shouldn't have to unbolt the caliper to change pads!

Are the springs on your "new" caliper (presume this is a recon unit?) OK?  

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