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09/09/2004 18:10:38   Tom   Hi,

I have recently purchased a saab 96, while it is brilliant i have a problem with the petrol tank cap. I cannot open it! i had thought it would have a key lock the same as the ignition, but it doesn't. It has 2 slots in the barrel where the key would go. I assume there is a special sort of key for this. can u tell me ways of opening it and where i might be able to get another "key"?

Many thanks  
09/09/2004 23:23:41   simon   ...where i might be able to get another "key"?

How about the previous owner? ;)  
10/09/2004 07:44:34   Richard   Could try taking the car to a locksmith, ring them first to see if they are happy trying to get the cap off the car. As Simon said above, ring the previous owner, he must have had a key!  
10/09/2004 14:06:03   Tom   yeah he did, but he can't find it! is abit annoying! would have to get a locksmith to the car tho, is empty!
10/09/2004 14:46:44   Alistair   You're not going to get the cap off easily without either a key or a locksmith. If you try, you risk damaging things. You could try pouring a gallon of fuel into the tank through the top of the tank (remove the sender for the gauge) under the wooden floor, just to get you to the locksmith.

A salutory lesson to us all about checking *everything* works when buying a car!!!  
10/09/2004 22:27:16   Tom   Thanks for that idea! is right about learning things! took me awhile to realise that u need to be in reverse to get the key from the ignition. is a ahame the last owner knew nothing about this or how to exract teh key. this is my first saab u see. my first car too!

Many thanks for ur advice  
11/09/2004 00:27:32   simon   Dear Tom,
All the best to you and your 'cherry popper'.
Be safe, be stationary, be Saab.  

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