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12/09/2004 13:40:53   Fred   Sat in my garage is 1966 long nose two stroke. I think itís complete, engine has been dismantled, trim is all there. Itís rusty (no surprise) and has been patched well in a few places and badly in a few others. Worst spot seems to be where top of rear inner wing is not attached to roof (itís a ready had a few patches around the shocker and spring mountings, these look as if they need doing for second time). One sill is badly patched. Front uprights look solid, but rear engine bay floor is bad. Front floor/toeboard has been patched. Bottom of one A pillar has a lot of filler.
Iíd like to get it back on the road, and need some guidance on which way to go.
I could get some repair panels, or I could try and find a better V4 shell to donate sheet metal parts. If I take the V4 donor car option what are my chances of finding one in good enough condition. Or more realistically, one that only needs the rust patching for the first time?
How different is the V4 shell (obviously front and rear screens) but what about doors, floor sections, bulkhead?
12/09/2004 15:27:13   Senor Burt   As far as I know, the 1966 2T shell is identical to the V4. Same body, different engine. The long-nose 2T was a transitional model just before the launch of the V4. The front wings from that year don't have the holes for the indicators that the later ones had.
You might be better 'reshelling' it altogether, just taking the good bits from the 2T and sticking in a later V4 shell. It sound like your shell is rotten in some majorly structural places. This is perfectly legal. The new log books even have a bit where you can change the registered chassis number of a vehicle.  
12/09/2004 16:38:44   Alistair   The iffy A-pillar is the first major alarm bell, along with the front floor/bulkhead section and the rear inner wing. To me it sounds beyong saving, depends how brave/patient/eager you are, and how deep your pockets are...

Early V4s (66-67) had the low screen shell so it's quite feasible to go the V4 route if you do choose to save. Alternatively, if you scrap, then the roof section might be of value to someone wanting to reshell a stroker but who can only get a decent later shell.

IIRC there were official places to cut the pillars to allow a new roof section to be fitted without compromising the strength, but I'm not sure where to find out about this.  
12/09/2004 22:59:13   Fred   Thanks, The roof change option sounds worth following up. I do want to fix it, I'm just looking for the most cost effective way.
I found a picture of Ken Dover's 95 with one inner wing off in Practical Classics (Aug 04, page 76). All looks the same, except there's a big square hole at the front of engine floor. Anyone got a V4 in Gloucestershire I could have a look over (or do I mean a crawl under)?  
13/09/2004 07:56:33   Richard   I think there is some difference where the engine mounts on the 2st to the V4 shell.  
13/09/2004 17:10:33   Iain   There is an in depth section on cutting and replacing the roof on 96s in the factory manual. I have one and could send you a photocopy of the relevant section.I think someone is advertising one for sale on this site. If you're planning a major restoration you could probably do with your own copy
13/09/2004 22:30:09   David   Fred - email me with your phone number etc. the email link doesn't seem to be working tonight. I have a neighbour who has 3 or 4 strokers in his barn (he used to rally them) and a Monte Carlo V4. If I speak nicely to him he'll let you come and have a look at them (he may even be willing to part with one). I'm within easy striking distance for you - a few miles SW of Bristol.  
14/09/2004 08:04:24   Richard   If you are not that bothered you can re-shell with a V4 shell, but you will probably have large windows as the early shells rot and are not as frequent as the larger window shell.
To David, why not start rallying one again, Historic road rallies are not that hard on the car (just pull straws for the navigators job). Also it would be interesting to know what mods he did to the cars and history ie what events he did etc.  

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