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14/09/2004 20:51:48   Richard   Hello
I think my clutch my of gone. It will not go into gear without a cruntch but the fluid levels are OK and the peddel moves OK but I still can't put it into gear. It all happend within 10 miles of driving. Do I need a new clutch and if so can anyone recomend one to get or uprate it in any way. Thanks.  
14/09/2004 23:11:54   Simon   Two things to check first:
Adjustment of steering column (thus gear linkage) via two 13mm bolts under dash.
Adjustment of clutch itself, via 11 and 10mm spanners on side of bell housing - check free play under rubber cover at end of slave cylinder, this should be 4mm when end of fork is puhed in.
All in the Haynes/Auto books.  
15/09/2004 07:50:04   Richard   If its happend that quick it could be the slave or master cylinder. Have a look at the clutch fluid level and for any signs of leakage. Also check to see if the rubber clutch line is ok.  
15/09/2004 11:50:07   Alistair   Sounds like seals to me...follow Richard's advice, Richard ?!  
15/09/2004 20:08:35   Richard   Hi thanks for all the advice. Have checked fluid levels etc and tried adjusting but it is the cluch thats gone so of to a garage she goes. If they find anything different I will let you know.  
17/09/2004 11:11:14   Alistair   Usually they slip when worn, not crunch...I'm not convinced. Are you getting any movement at the slave cylider end when you press the pedal?  
17/09/2004 20:37:00   Richard   Yes getting moverment when the pedle is pressed, the rod moves at the clutch but the clutch its seft dosen't.  
20/09/2004 07:47:07   Richard   The clutch plate could have shed its lining, or there is a problem with the fork/thrust bearing. I think you may have to split the engine from the box and take a look.  

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