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08/10/2002 17:08:43   Rik   Do anyone know what kind of cars had the same weber carbs that fit on a saab v4 2bbl-manifold?  
09/10/2002 21:06:27   louis   Hi Rik!
The 2bbl manifolds were originally for solex carbs to my knowlege. But I fitted a Weber 32/36 DGV, but due to the assimetric throttle bodies (32mm & 36mm) I had to modify/machine the manifold to suit. The cars that had such carbs were the Ford Taunus & Cortina (depending on country) from about 1979 to 1982 in 2,0 l and 1,6 l engines. I bought myself a new carb, you can also check out Heynes Manual No: 393 on weber carbs (all types) which is very useful!
Good luck and be sure you ignition is perfect because I had trouble with rough running du to that as the modified carburation is more sensitive...  
09/10/2002 21:07:36   Louis   Sorry I mistyped my email on my message!!!  

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