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15/09/2004 08:25:57   paul   Hi there
anyone know of a hub puller that can be bought to work on a 96, all the ones ive found are too small to get on the wheel mounting bolts...
15/09/2004 11:52:37   Alistair   My preferred hub puller was always a 4lb lump hammer and lots of brute strength & ignorance. I do have an old "3-claw" type puller that hooks behind the drum or hub - came from Halfrauds I expect.  
15/09/2004 12:32:52   Richard   If you are a bit handy make one. The Saab item fits the stud holes. It has a top hat section that is threaded to take a large screw that tapers to fit the centre of the axle. You turn the screw with a spanner towards the axle which pulls the drum off via the stud bolts.
Also try fitting the wheel and pulling on that. Remember to back the shoes off!  
22/09/2004 23:12:24   Tom   Rich,

Did you make that one of yours i've used?  
23/09/2004 12:18:38   Richard   One is a Saab one the other is a made up item, dont know which is up here and which is at the farm.  
23/09/2004 13:40:22   ian f   I was given a home-made puller made from the centre part of a V4 steel wheel. From memory, slots have been cut into the raised section of the wheel centre allowing a conventional 3-legged puller to be attached. It sounds a bit Heath Robinsonish, but it does work!

If anyone is interested in some pics, let me know & I'll try to recover the 'puller' from the shed and post some photos.


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