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22/09/2004 15:46:29   Mel Windsor   There seems to be a total lack of feedback on the Spares day.
There seems little point in trying to get traders here if nobody is going to show and also if no booters turn up, then traders will have a monopoly and that will get peoples goat up.
If your interested let me know! If your not interested please still let me know.
We work on cars all week, and weekends are special to us and our families so please make the effort as spares days need to happen and be supported or they WILL become a thing of the past and everyone will lose.
Sorry to keep bitchin on, but somebodies got to kick ass for the community!!! Alec has been good enough to supply a vehicle in this website for this wonderful Marque. USE IT
22/09/2004 16:45:46   helen   Hi Mel,
Im definatly going to come across from derbyshire if its going ahead, I need a some bits. fingers crossed it goes ahead.
all the best H  
22/09/2004 23:10:08   Tom   Hi mel, I don't have enough things to do any booting, but i certainly plan on going to buy a few bits and pieces.
23/09/2004 07:26:40   ian f   Hi Mel,

You know I'd be first in the queue but unfortunately we going to be out of the country.

Have you mentioned the Spares Day on the various forums (SAABEC, SAABCENTRAL, SAABSCENE) etc?  
23/09/2004 12:16:40   Richard   Hope to go and support your spares day. I will have to see if I have any stuff I dont need and bring it down. My SEC mag landed in the post yesterday with the add in for the event, you may get more interest from this. Please stick it out Mel as the first time is always going to be difficult, hopefully once people see its a good event it will be bigger the following year. Get some photo's and put it in the club mags after, I will talk to you on the day.
p.s. The manifold/carbs and box that my Dad got from you the other week will come in very handy next season.  
28/09/2004 11:39:13   Alistair   Mel

Rich is right, stick with it, but I also think you need to market it more widely. There was nothing in the last Driver, and the next one will be too late.

I've posted details on Saabscene, obviously the useful bits of the SOC site are down for "maintenance" so that route is out. Try the other forums that Ian mentioned, and maybe put something on your own site ;-) ??  
28/09/2004 12:53:39   Simon   Dear Mel,
I would love to join in attending support for your spares day. Unfortunately I currently live on the South Coast (UK) and the trip is a little long, PLEASE do one next year - I may have moved a little closer to you :)  
04/10/2004 13:37:30   andy   I've got the date in my diary , coming from Cheshire so would be pleased if you let me know if it isn't going to happen - although I suppose I could phone!!  
04/10/2004 14:22:32   Tom   I called last week and Mel said it was going ahead.  
26/07/2006 17:26:45   roger   hi when and where is it taking place  
26/07/2006 18:47:52   Alistair   Er, check the dates, it was about 18 months ago...  

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