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23/09/2004 18:41:13   James Ayres   Hello all, my 96 just passed her MOT with no problems. However, when he opened the bonnet the oil filler cap was gone. I looked under the bonnet a few days ago and it was there and in place! Any suggestions as to a replacement? Is this a 'usual' v4 problem? Any advice please...
23/09/2004 22:19:06   tony   James,
Who "he" who opened the bonnet? And what is the problem if the oil filler cap is back where it should be? Why do you need a replacement if it is now there? This not a usual V4 problem because there is not one! Please elucidate!
24/09/2004 10:12:56   Steve B   Hi James,
I had a problem like this once and it was caused by a blocked oil breather pipe to the air filter. Some of those pipe have really tight bends in them and can get blocked easily. I think this causes pressure which blows the oil cap off. In the meantime I found that a WD40 cap placed upside down in the oil filler hole works as a short term sub-stitute. I guess the pressure could also be caused by something more serious like a cracked piston ring or something but I'd start with the breathers.  
24/09/2004 10:22:50   James Ayres   Message to Tony above to elucidate! The oil filler cap is Gone! There is now just an opening. I am looking for advice as to a replacement. Sorry if my first message wasn't clear.
ps the 'he' was the chap at the MOT garage  
24/09/2004 22:58:14   tony   James,
Thanks for clarifying the problem. I too have experienced this in the past,caused by a blocked breather pipe. Have you checked carefully in the bowels of the engine bay? It's amazing what you can find in there with a good torch and one of those cheap claw probes! Perhaps your oil cap is down there somewhere - as mine was.  
28/09/2004 11:51:46   Alistair   James - Tony is right, have a good poke about in the engine bay and hopefully it might turn up, check under the box & everything. In the meantime, you may well find a screw top from an old oil can (metal or placky) , or screen wash bottle might fit to stop oil spraying everywhere and keep the crankcase pressure more or less correct.

They do fly off if the crankcase pressure is to high and the blocked/collapsed breather hose is the usual cause, but sometimes they can just vibrate off if not fitted snugly.  
28/09/2004 16:35:45   Richard   Probably find half of someones tool kit in there too!  
28/09/2004 21:55:32   James Ayres   Thank you all for your advice. However, I had a good look around in all the nooks and crannies and found nothing! So my question is, where can I get a replacement?
28/09/2004 22:10:03   Simon   James,
That must be a first! like Richard I have found many a tool, bolts washers, rats nest, badgers den . . . the list goes on ;)
Send me an email, for your replacement.  
29/09/2004 08:01:44   Richard   I would classified your car as a nature reserve!  
29/09/2004 10:13:32   Simon   Well not quite - as I had made the badger bit up.
It has mainly been within the numerous donnor cars that the interesting items have accumilated. One had a big rats nest under the battery tray, they had then eaten around the speedo cable for cabin entry, leaving a HUGE nest under the rear seat. Car did NOT have that as new showroom aroma but did render some good body panels and a radiator which I am currently running with - lots of rats but no tin worm.  
29/09/2004 13:24:34   louis   Sometime since I haven't posted here :-( but I read this post and I have had exactly the same problem ;-) I found a cap with a small toggle to clip it to a neighbouring pipe! It comes of a Ford Taunus V4 (german like tha Saab's) so if you find one...  
04/10/2004 07:20:19   bill rawles   Have a look at ebay item 2492525289. Its a job lot of bits and bobs, there is an oil cap amoungst them. I'm not the seller, just happened to notice!  

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