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28/09/2004 09:36:07   JT   Saab 95 just out of warranty; looking for a specialist garage for servicing in LEEDS - any recommendations?  
28/09/2004 10:42:26   Senor Burt   You got a good deal on the warranty there. Didn't they stop making 95's in 1980?  
28/09/2004 12:00:08   Alistair   Ah, Jason, you are toying with our new friend, I think "JT" means a 9-5 Vauxsaab, like wot I've got. Not really catered for on this site, this site is for Saab V4s - the name usually gives it away ;-)

Try and you'll find more interest there.

That said, if the car is only just out of warranty, do you really not want a dealer service? Bowett's are quite reasonably priced and the full dealer history will have a better effect on the resale value of your car than indie-history.

Don't know about Leeds, but there is JG and Malbrad in Huddersfield.  
28/09/2004 16:34:44   Richard   Try Malbrad  

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