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04/10/2004 15:52:43   Alistair   Have you all seen the advert from Martin McReedy about producing heated/laminated screens for V4s? Has anyone yet expresseed any interest? Wha do you all think?

I've already emailed him with some questions about fitting - what electrical works is required, can his firm fit them, can they supply all the parts or would we need to pull together our own mechano kit etc. I'm still waiting for a reply but wondered how many other people have declared an interest?  
04/10/2004 17:09:15   paul h   I would be more interested in a heated rear window for my 96, I know some late models had them. Are they still available anywhere, either new or used?  
04/10/2004 18:17:05   john wyatt   I was discussing this with a V4 mate yesterday even up in chilly Scotland the need for a heated front screen has never really been an issue  
05/10/2004 16:19:58   Tom   I had not seen that advert until you mentioned it but i am certainly interested. In addition to my V4 i have a Ford Focus that has this feature front and rear and it is superb and fast! I could really go for this and for an introductory price of 105 for a front windshield i think that is unbeatable. I have a 1980 V4 that does have a heated rear window, but it doesn't work anymore. I've tried fixing it with silver contact paint but it still won't work, so i'm right behind Uroglas on this. I'm sure if everyone here was aware of just how useful this feature is you'd love it. Let's have a count of how many are up for it.  
06/10/2004 12:31:06   Alistair   They have had quite a bit of interest but only really for the rear screens, so are now looking into a production run of rears. Will keep you all posted!  
06/10/2004 12:54:01   Tom   Sign me up for both.  
06/10/2004 13:20:30   Steve B   Are we talking about front screens here or rear ?
The adverts reads like they are developing a front screen only.
I would be interested in a rear screen with a heater. I had one in one of my previous V4s and it was very useful.
I don't think I have a need for a front heated screent hough.  
06/10/2004 16:03:13   Alistair   Er, I'll repeat what I said above, they've had quite a bit of interest from people after rear screens, not front. What I didn't say is they are now looking to change plans accordingly, I don't think the front ones will be a go-er.  
06/10/2004 16:15:17   Steve B   Oops sorry - must learn to read.
Put me down for one rear screen please.  
06/10/2004 17:00:52   paul h   Yes, put me down for a rear heated screen too please  
07/10/2004 09:12:14   Tom   They are still interested in the idea of doing a set - front and rear, but only if they get the numbers. They need 15 people.  
14/10/2004 20:56:45   ian f   You can put my name down for at least one set. Does anyone know whether tinted screens are available?
14/10/2004 21:14:15   ian   heated rear screens are far better when pushing in minus ten degrees...also if your front one ices up you are not going fast enough...just look at the space shuttle as evidence  

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