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12/10/2002 18:04:49   john wyatt   Has anyone tried fitting 185/65x15 tyres onto late (4.5in.) V4 steel rims, how did you get on?.  
12/10/2002 22:20:19   louis   Good question!
The largest I've seen is 175/70 R 15... But on my car with 155R15 they already rub from time to time!!!  
14/10/2002 08:05:49   Steve B   I think the standard tyre size for a Saab V4 is 155/15 but even these will rub on the inner wings under full steering lock - it's just a feature of the car.

I've seen 165/15's fitted with no problem. Apparently you can fit 175/15 (highgate) but I don't know how.

The limiting factor I found was that there was no way you could get the rear wheels off without removing a wing or dropping the suspension down if the tyres were any bigger that 165/15 (even this was a tight squeeze). Maybe you can just remove the material strap that holds the rear axel up so that the axel swings lower when the car is jacked up ?  
15/10/2002 14:35:47   Alec   I have always used 165/15. You must ensure that the steering rack is in the dead centre position before doing the tracking. Adjust so that you get even amount of thread on each track rod end. This way you can just avoid the front tyres rubbing on full lock.
15/10/2002 17:59:19   Curtis Muir   I used 185/15 snow tyres (Colway's) on the drive / front wheels only every winter for the past 3 years.The 155's rubbed anyway, and the traction for the snow was terrific. However they did still rub. I had had them on a Volvo 850 est, but tried it anyway and it worked out ok  
14/11/2002 00:37:48   Alistair Philpott   I've used 175/70s and 185/65s in the past. Both are a bit of a squeeze on 4.5J rims, and will rub a bit on full lock, but they are OK. You need to ensure the tracking is bang on or it will pull to one side like hell, and you will find it tramlines a bit.

I was fortunate enough to use them on my Dad's offset Sonett rims which reduces the rubbing issue, and makes the car handle like a dream. If you can source some, well worth the effort but they are very rare. Often wondered about using 1/4" or 1/2" spacers with the "96L" rims or alloys, though you'll need to find longer wheel bolts.

With such narrow rims on V4s you will find that the tyres wear more quickly on the shoulder.

If you're not too proud you can give the rear wings a bit of a "tug" to give you a few mil more space to get them on/off. I never had any real problems there.

As for the effect - it's obviously a matter of personal opinion. I actually prefer the handling of a V4 on decent 155s, even though the grip levels are lower. I like the way you can control a gentle drift when really pressing on, whereas with the wider low profile tyres, grip's a bit all or nothing. I personally don't like 165s as I found there was too much vagueness with the extra sidewall to flex, and it increases the gearing slightly and makes (a standard) car even slower...  

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