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05/10/2004 10:59:49   Iain   Speaking to a Finn recently he came up with the following nicknames for 96s:
"kayakdouble", "homosledge", "suppository",
"mudwedge","ditchpike", "frosthump", "carrotlathe",
"halfpear", "assaultbun", "u-boot U96", I like "Ditchpike" as in a tool to leap ditches...similar to "Puddle Jumper" which Model Ts were known as I suppose, "Assault bun" and "Carrot Lathe" are just plain surreal. "Homosledge!" Now thats fightin'talk!
06/10/2004 12:29:49   Alistair   How about Rapid Rabbit (as in the old rabbit-shaped jelly moulds from ou childhood days)?!  

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