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06/10/2004 14:32:52   Highgate SAAB   The spares day is going ahead as planned 10th Oct
So far Brian Butler from the SAAB Sanctuary, Dave (trailer) Bronell and Malbrad will be here. Others may turn up Elkparts, Tollgate, JG dependant on weather.
Hope as many of you as possible can make it also the WMW SOC will be manning a stand.  
06/10/2004 16:31:58   Richard   I will be comming down along with Tom, just see how it goes. I think if you do this the following year it will take off.  
07/10/2004 11:50:11   andy   please remind me where it is - I've forgotten.  
07/10/2004 12:16:33   Richard   Its at Highgate's premises near Tamworth, see their web page or give them a ring.  
07/10/2004 13:52:58   Senor Burt   Oh I wish I could come!!!!!
I've got to work this weekend. Boo Hoo!  
07/10/2004 15:08:54   Alistair   I've also got other plans. Shame as I have a few bits I'd have liked to peddle...bit more notice next year might help chaps :)  
11/10/2004 07:56:27   Richard   It was a good day out and I came away with a set of Footballs and a CT inlet manifold that will probably end up on Colin Wallace's engine to give him some pace against the rs2000's, so getting some more comp bits back into the right places.
Also we got a 1700 crank, steering arms, lights and in general a good day out with some great crack.  
11/10/2004 08:58:14   Alec   Glad it went well, shame I never made it.  
11/10/2004 10:19:14   Highgate   Thank you to everyone who made the effort & turned up for the spares day, we enjoyed it immensely even if it was a bit frantic!sorry we had to spread ourselves a bit thinly but dealing with five or six people at any one time makes one a bit forgetful ( Ken calls it the butterfly syndrome )
The weather was kind ( no rain )and the bacon & sos butties fended of the cold wind.
We will be repeating the day next year, so make a note in your diary not miss it again! also it would be realy good to have enthusiasts with bootfuls of treasure for everyone to rumage in.
Well it's back to work now! at least working the weekend cuts out the monday morning blues thats the up side!
See you next year.
Ken & Mel
11/10/2004 14:06:28   Alistair   Chaps

Do you already have a date in mind for next year? If so, let us know!!!

Sorry I had to miss it

12/10/2004 15:54:08   bill rawles   Glad it was a success Mel. I was very tempted to throw a sicky since I was on a 2-10 shift. Hopefully I'll be able to clear out my lock-up next year.  

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