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06/10/2004 14:46:06   Highgate SAAB   It seems it's that time of year when everybody keeps asking about our alloy wheels and how much for a set!!!!
Well as nobody wants to take over production we are looking at producing another batch.
We will try to price them reasonably BUT the price of materials & energy has increased ( Compomtives words not ours )and because of minimum order qauntities on special wheel bolts & centre caps the batch will have to be minimum 100 units.
We will start a register of people interested with a view towards delivery spring 2005 if your interested please mail us.
As soon as prices have been confirmed we will let people know.
08/10/2004 07:41:09   david vandenborre   I would be interested in a set of your alloy wheels. But before I place any order, can you give me any idea how much they would approx. cost.

Best regards, David  
12/10/2004 13:53:54   Simon   Dear H/Gate,
Have you costed up a magnesium run?  

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