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07/10/2004 13:47:42   simon   Ello Lovers,
I currently have a Solex double choke carb on a SR inlet manifold and am looking to serice it. However there are no part numbers (which I have seen) on the carb.
How many variants are there of this Solex unit, or is it just the one - if so can you help with a part number please?  
07/10/2004 15:07:03   Alistair   Is this the Solex with the oval top?  
07/10/2004 16:42:15   Richard   There is a local guy who deals in old Solex stuff. Put the solex into the search as I have a feeling I put the model No. on a post before.  
07/10/2004 16:54:18   simon   Thanks Richard,
but I have had no luck with my search on your previous post.
Yes Alistair,
It has an oval top and currently a working (!) auto choke.  
08/10/2004 07:38:25   Richard   I think the data is in the s&r manual, I just can not remember it off the top of my head.  
08/10/2004 11:02:28   erik   The late 96's had a solex 32TDID double choke carburetor.  
08/10/2004 14:55:23   Alistair   Ah, but in the S&R Catalogue it mentions Solex 40/42 CCI, S&R part no. 1161 ????  
14/10/2004 14:51:45   Simon   Carb removed and still no part numbers.
She messures 32/32 so I guess that she may be Eric's 32TDID? If so is this the same as / similar to a 32DIDTA? (as fitted to German 1700 Capris 1972-75) for which there are still service parts available.  
15/10/2004 11:37:29   Alistair   That sounds highly likely. The one we used to have came with a Taunus 17M 1700HC engine. Was as worn as anything but by God did it pour the fuel in :)  
15/10/2004 12:58:35   Simon   Thank you Alistair,
I shall order one up.  
19/10/2004 23:52:57   simon   Ooops, a year ago:
02/10/2003 13:59:56 Nick Try emailed Eric Archer, he has been helping me with my apparently rare Solex 32eeit. Email:
04/10/2003 18:21:23 David According to an article in today's Daily Telegraph Motoring section: try Andy Moore Carburettors in Sheffield on 01246 473444. He has over 1000 old carbs in stock and can (apparently) restore just about anything! Good luck.

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