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08/10/2004 14:40:01   Tom   I have been having problems with the right turn indicator not always working for a while and have finally worked out what causes it: applying the footbrake. I had tried a new flasher unit, cleaning the contacts in the indicator arm, putting a new good arm in, checked the wiring at the lights, fuses, and everything seems fine and works until you put your foot on the brake and just the right side flasher stops working. Try it again with the left side and it's fine.
If anyone has ever had this problem some tips on fixing it would really help as it's creating some problems with right turns. There are only so many left turns i can take on my journeys home.  
08/10/2004 15:13:13   Alistair   Sounds like an earth problem such that your brake lights are causing the indicator to cancel. Check the wiring in the rear RH lamp cluster as a starting point.  
11/10/2004 16:35:19   Tom   Alistair, that was exactly it. Thanks for your tip. I tried all sorts of fiddling and running wires all over the place and finally i just tightened the bolt holding the cluster on and it sorted it. i think i'll run a separate ground wire from it to a clean ground spot so it will stay ok.
12/10/2004 23:46:12   Alistair   Wahay, I got one right for once!!!  

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