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14/10/2004 15:41:28   Steve B   All,
The exhaust on my 96 is falling apart and so I'm thinking I'll go for a stainless steel system when I replace it. I intend to fit a standard system rather than a performance upgrade, but would like stainless for a longer life.
Any advice ?
Where is the best place to buy a stainless system ?
Also I've heard reports that a stainless exhaust is more brittle than a standard part and requires extra mounting points for support. Has anyone experience of fittings a stainless system and if so did you use extra mountings ?
14/10/2004 16:19:39   Richard   I always add braces where pipes go into silences and the like to try to stop fatigue. Basically Stainless fatigues quicker than mild steel. I always build the system from thicker wall pipes than most in grade 304. Reducing movement will probably help reduce cyclic flexing on the joints, but you still need some movement as the engine will move in the car etc.  
14/10/2004 18:04:03   James Ayres   My SS Exhaust is standard ie not sporty, and cost 313 (inc club discount) from Sterling Exhausts, that included ss clamps and delivery. It sounds great and was a doddle to fit. tel 01341 241 281/568 It's an exact replica of the original fit. Best of Luck  
15/10/2004 18:22:32   john wyatt   does anyone do a performance stainless system off the shelf?  
15/10/2004 18:47:51   James Ayres   Yes, you can get a Jetex sports exhaust. I'm not sure where you can get one or the cost, but I'm sure if you looked around...  
16/10/2004 12:45:37   Senor Burt   Malbrad might be able to get you one.  
17/10/2004 13:35:08   bill rawles   The Saab OC have supplier who does stainless. If you are anywhere near Macclesfield in Cheshire I can recommend JP exhausts. I have had one of theirs on my Landrover since 1993 with no problems. Jetex are still available new, have a look on their website for a local supplier, I got my Jetex with free fitting from Demon Tweeks but they will mail order as well (Tweeks that is, don't know if Jetex will).  
18/10/2004 14:12:02   Alistair   Johnny was asking if anyone does a PERFORMANCE system in Stainless - Not to my knowledge - stainless systems seem to be standard and the performance stuff like Jetex is in mild steel.  
18/10/2004 14:45:13   bill rawles   That is true. What I am planning to do is wait until the Jetex starts falling apart the get JP to replicate it in stainless!  
18/10/2004 16:41:37   Richard   Buy through the floor headers and Y and (mild steel) make the rest out of stainless. Its pretty much a straight pipe to the rear.I used a 900 turbo mid box and a Abbot racing Saab 9000 rear box on its side. With a bit of cutting and welding the bend in the 9000 rear fits quite well. As the headers are in the engine bay they last for a long time.  
18/10/2004 16:55:47   Senor Burt   I did something similar with my 95. I used a Mini Peco for a mid box and a Cherry Bomb on the back. Worked well and fairly quiet.
As Richard suggests, the only awkward bit is getting the bend to the back box.
It's important to use sports type boxes without baffles if you want the full benefit of a bigger exhaust.
If you are buying a Jetex downpipe system, also get the little bent pipe that connects after it. It takes the exhaust to the right height as it goes under the floor.  
18/10/2004 21:07:59   Alistair   Cherry bomb at the back - fairly quiet ??!!!

I tried that once on the rally car and it sounded great, but f. noisy! And yes, it did have a proper "straight thru" silencer in the middle too...  
18/10/2004 22:19:25   James Ayres   Just a thought, isn't the highgate performance exhaust a SS version? Also, is it still available? And if so, how much?  
18/10/2004 22:21:12   James Ayres   Just checked the Highgate website, it says:

Twin pipe 2'' sports exhaust system with balance pipe, mild steel construction with stainless tailpipes, gives improved mid range performance and makes your V4 sound like a TVR on heat!

priced at 250 + vat
19/10/2004 07:36:32   Richard   My 96 with the above set up is not noisy, its sounds like a Saab turbo without the turbo. The carbs make more noise as it growels at you when you put your foot down. I can not hear the exhaust noise, its quieter than a std system when traveling at high speeds. The headers are the motorsport headers not the Jetex road system (although they are probably made by Jetex/Simons).  
19/10/2004 13:52:06   TOM .K   On a slightly different note! I've got a Jetex exhaust, and have found that the small rubber mounts/hangers that came with it are quite weak (Well the ones l have are cracking all ready).
Someone a long time ago l remembered, posted something about using Renault ones which where much stonger. Any ideas?
19/10/2004 18:58:14   Alistair   Ian Meakin used Renault Clio mounts on a Jetex and was well chuffed with the result.  
19/10/2004 19:03:30   Tom M   I fitted a Simons Sports (jetex) to my V4 last Friday and one of the supplied cotton reels was broken before i even touched it. I used the original two for tyhe back box as they seemed stronger.  
20/10/2004 14:15:58   jonny   Tom, where did you get your simons from?, that is what is on my car at the moment and I like it but it now needs replacing  
20/10/2004 22:11:47   Tom M   I bought it direct from the manufacturers in Sweden  
20/10/2004 22:23:15   Tom K   I bought mine from Simmons/Jetex (England)- they have a website with all the details. Check out  
21/10/2004 19:55:36   john wyatt   Is a simons same as a Jetex then?  
21/10/2004 19:55:38   john wyatt   Is a simons same as a Jetex then?  
22/10/2004 20:37:56   Alistair   Yes, Jetex for the V4 have always been made by Simons.  
25/10/2004 21:34:26   Tom M   Who are Ray Metal Fabrication, Sweden, and if you buy direct from them you will save yourself some dosh.  
26/10/2004 20:41:02   chris reid   i heard that the works rally cars down pipe came out through the round holes in the side of the engine bay and joind under the drivers floor, (to improve ground clearence i imagine?). is this correct and if so does any one know where to get hold of one?  
27/10/2004 07:51:07   Richard   From Rolf at Saab Klubben Sweden. You need to cut the floor at the rear of the engine bay (not the vent holes in the side) as per the S & r manual diagram and remove the gearbox support tie.  

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